Forensic Architecture Featured in Wired Magazine

January 2016 issue of WIRED magazine, Data Forensics Is Unravelling Conflict From Gaza To Guatemala by Michael Hodges

The voice is calm; the scene playing out on the laptop is not — intense cobalt-yellow flashes from detonating ordnance precede pillars of black smoke that partially mask the city beneath. The images and sound come from an online report by Forensic Architecture (FA), a south London-based research organisation whose approach to data collection and analysis is changing the way human rights controversies are investigated, in part by using mobile-phone footage from ordinary people. “The concept of testimony is being completely reformatted,” the organisation’s director Eyal Weizman tells WIRED. “Usually,  human rights organisations have to wait days, even months, and collect things from memory. But these are testimonies of people who were there, technological testimonies through their cameras and videos.”

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