Legal Media

Legal Media:

A Colloquium in Memory of Cornelia Vismann

Goldsmiths, University of London

10-11 June 2011

A two-day colloquium organised by the Birkbeck School of Law and the Centre for Research Architecture / Forensic Architecture / Dept. of Visual Cultures.

The death, last year, of legal and media scholar Cornelia Vismann is grieved by two departments in which she spent time as a research fellow. She left friends and scholars with a unique intellectual legacy that spanned the disciplinary divides between art, literature, media, philosophy, architecture, and law. Rather than an interrogation of her work, this colloquium celebrates the intellectual life of Cornelia Vismann by bringing together a diverse set of participants – practitioners and scholars – to build upon and extend the ground breaking ideas and provocative discussions that her work has generated. Together we will try to evolve Vismann’s project and illuminate the inextricable connection between the law – its authority, its efficacy, its memory – and the medium of its transmission. The event is structured around three areas of investigation captured by three of her texts: Files on the obscure power of the legal files, Tele-Tribunalson the mediatization of legal hearings and The Love of Ruins on the discursive function of the fragment in writing and matter.

Organisers: Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Piyel Haldar, Susan Schuppli, Eyal Weizman


Day 1 - Thomas Keenan
Day 1 - Anton Schutz
Day 2 - Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Day 1 - Irit Rogoff
Day 2 - Costas Douzinas
Day 2 - Judy Radul

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