Activism on the Map

Activism on the Map

ICA and Centre for Research Architecture, London

19-20 April 2013

To be involved in politics without aspiring to govern, governed by the best leaders, or abolish the institutions of government: such are the constraints that delineate the field of nongovernmental politics.

What nongovernmental activists seek to accomplish ranges considerably: providing humanitarian aid, protecting the environment, monitoring human-rights and civil-liberties violations, adding new entitlements to the list of fundamental rights and liberties, defending the interests of corporations’ stakeholders – workers, consumers, suppliers – and expanding public access to knowledge are only the most frequent among their pursuits. Yet, regardless of the nature of their activism, what all involvements in nongovernmental politics have in common is a determination to challenge the effects of a particular set of governmental practices. Whether the governing agency they confront is a state, an international organisation, a public institution or a private corporation, the specific issue that concerns nongovernmental activists is less who governs – who is in charge and for whose benefit – than how government is exercised.

This roundtable invites Zone authors to discuss activism and nongovernmental politics. Invited speakers are Michel Feher (philosopher and the founding editor of Zone books), Laura Kurgan (architect and Professor at Columbia University), Meg McLagan (documentary filmmaker) and Gaëlle Krikorian (scholar and activist).


  • Michel Feher
  • Ayesha Hameed
  • Gaëlle Krikorian
  • Laura Kurgan
  • Meg McLagan


Day 1 – Michel Feher: "On Credit, Self Esteem, and Sharing"
Day 1 – Michel Feher on Zone Books' "Non-Governmental Politics" series
Day 1 – Meg McLagan
Day 1 – Q&A
Day 2 – Ayesha Hameed
Day 1 – Michel Feher / Q&A
Day 1 – Gaëlle Krikorian
Day 1 – Laura Kurgan
Day 2 – Discussion with Laura Kurgan
Day 2 – Ayesha Hameed / Q&A















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