Predictive Forensics

Forensic Architecture

Predictive forensics is associated with both the study of climate change and that of security. Both have a preemptive logic in that crucial evidence lies somewhere in the future, and the future is of course the domain of mathematics, algorithms, and digital representations. In relation to the long-term, each field seemingly looks at an opposite end of the economical spectrum: security and military think tanks such as RAND are searching for indicators of instability such as economic collapse, devaluation of currencies, disintegration of economies, and the collapse of central government control; meanwhile long-term climate change models are tuned to economic and infrastructural development worldwide as factors that will aggravate climate change. So while it may seem that the two fields of study have little in common, both look at the economy, both are tuned to financial indicators as the earliest signals of emerging risk in a system, and both actually use the modeling toolbox of finance. Both fields also conceive of risk as something that is global and cannot be spatially contained.

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