In the Vestibule with Forensic Architecture

In the Vestibule with Forensic Architecture

Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia University

Montreal, 19 June – 11 August 2017

Curated by Michèle Thériault

Two Forensic Architecture investigations, Nakba Day Killings and The Left-to-Die Boat Case, are exhibited as part of the In the Vestibule series.

“The strategies and practices of Forensic Architecture do indeed record facts and frame them with the greatest precision through the analysis they are subjected to, but they are everything but ‘dry’ because of their embeddedness in the political terrain in which they are located and the difficulty to bring them to the surface. The fragile nature of their status and their conditionality communicate the complicated relationship between fact and truth. This complication brings the viewer/reader of FA’s investigations into the larger arena of the social and political relations of power, a highly unstable field. Moreover, affect plays an important role in their particular construction of the documentary, for as Weizman underlines, the desire to transform the way things are is at the heart of their project and this drive for change is not only achieved by exploiting material sensitivity but by a sensitivity to the materiality of politics and the ability to feel pain.”

From States of the Cause, an essay by the exhibition’s curator, Michèle Thériault.

Photos: Paul Litherland / Studio Lux. Courtesy of the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada


  • Eyal Weizman
  • Christina Varvia
  • Sarah Nankivell
  • Charles Heller
  • Lorenzo Pezzani
  • Nick Axel
  • Steffen Kraemer
  • Lawrence Abu Hamdan
  • Jacob Burns
  • SITU Research
  • DCI-Palestine

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