Forensis at PROA


Fundación Proa (PROA), Buenos Aires

25 September – 31 January 2016

Foundacion Proa presented the Forensis exhibition in Buenos Aires, an exhibition of work by multidisciplinary research team Forensic Architecture, which specialises in revealing and investigating the political and social circumstances in which contemporary conflicts occur.

Past,current and new scientific and technological methodologies are used by the group of architects, artists and filmmakers – who study areas where the social and urban fabric is altered by political and social conflicts.

The contemporary viewer often fails to locate or respond to the complex global mapping of this. The exhibition Forensis showcased seven projects from different parts of the world, attempting to build a global view through advanced technologies and everyday tools from our environment. Returning to the concept of ‘Forensis’- a public forum, the exhibition attempts to recreate this concept for the visitor by creating a space for reflection that enables a live reading of current events. Through images from the public domain comprising of; satellite images, 3D videos,professional photographs as well as media uploaded onto the web by anonymous citizens, the viewer is challenged directly.

Forensis brought forth unique and original features into the realm of the exhibition, allowing one to reflect on the current world through the eyes of an international team of specialists from Goldsmiths University of London.

Both in content and in form, Forensis questions contemporary art practices, and proposes a debate on the place of the modern subject in various global conflicts where social, cultural, spatial and material spheres cross.


Curated by Anselm Franke, Eyal Weizman and Rosario Güiraldes

FORENSIS is a co-production by Fundacion Proa, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, funded by the Capital Cultural Fund, and by Forensic Architecture, ERC-funded research project based at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Selected Views Of The Exhibition: ©Jorge Miño, Fundación Proa


  • Lawrence Abu Hamdan
  • Nabil Ahmed
  • Maayan Amir
  • Anthropocene Observatory (Anselm Franke, Armin Linke, Territorial Agency/John Palmesino and Ann-Sofi Rönnskog)
  • Jacob Burns
  • Gabriel Cuéllar
  • DAAR (Alessandro Petti, Sandi Hilal, Eyal Weizman)
  • Forensic Oceanography (Charles Heller, Lorenzo Pezzani)
  • Grupa Spomenik (Damir Arsenijević, Ana Bezić, Pavle Levi, Jelena Petrović, Branimir Stojanović, Milica Tomić)
  • Ayesha Hameed
  • Samir Harb
  • Helene Kazan
  • Thomas Keenan
  • Steffen Kraemer
  • Adrian Lahoud
  • Model Court (Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Lorenzo Pezzani, Oliver Rees)
  • Modelling Kivalina (Andrea Bagnato, Daniel Fernández Pascual, Helene Kazan, Hannah Meszaros Martin, Alon Schwabe)
  • Gerald Nestler
  • Godofredo Pereira
  • Nicola Perugini
  • ScanLAB Projects (Matthew Shaw, William Trossell)
  • Susan Schuppli
  • Francesco Sebregondi
  • Shela Sheikh
  • SITU Research (Robert Beach, McKenna Cole, Therese Diede, Akshay Mehra, Charles-Antoine Perrault, Bradley Samuels, Xiaowei Wang)
  • Caroline Sturdy Colls
  • Paulo Tavares
  • Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss/NAO
  • Eyal Weizman
  • Ines Weizman


  • Cintia Mezza
  • Cecilia Jaime
  • SPIN
  • Guillermo Goldschmidt
  • Soledad Oliva
  • Pablo Zaefferer
  •  Josefina Insausti
  • Víctor López Zumelzu
  • Paulina Guarnieri
  • Rosario García Martínez
  • Camila Villarruel
  • Laura Ferreiros
  • Agostina Gabanetta
  • Noemí Aira
  • Juan Carlos Urrutia
  • Cora Papic
  • Javier Aparicio
  • Leandro Barzabal
  •  Ale Giorgga
  • Hernán Salvo
  • Hernán Torres












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