The Data Battlefield

The Data Battlefield

Fotomuseum (FOMU)

Antwerp, 27 April – 4 June 2017

The international group exhibition The Data Battlefield presents current artistic positions that engage with society’s increasing desire to capture and disseminate images of conflict – nowadays a common phenomenon due to 24-hour repetitive news broadcasts and social media. Sites of dispute and conflict are no longer censored in any form but rather made into media spectacles. How, then, can we describe traumatic events or classified sites without veering into sensationalism? How do we provide information without succumbing to over-hyped curiosity or ‘conflict porn’?

The Data Battlefield shows how four international lens-based artists engage with the various meanings of the word ‘document’ and create new visual ways through a documentary field marked by the disappearance of its traditional models of representation. Through some of the latest technology, DAVID BIRKIN (UK, 1977), HARUN FAROCKI (DE, 1944-2014), FORENSIC ARCHITECTURE and STEFFI KLENZ (DE, 1979) each open up unique conversations about the contemporary socio-digital conditions of our current photographic and filmic culture in relation to environments of conflict and dispute.

The Braakland Museum Takeover is running for seven months, transforming the top floor of FOMU into an experimental workspace for photography with the diversity of the photographic medium as the prime objective.


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