Broken Bonds

Broken Bonds

8th Festival for Photography f/stop Leipzig

Leipzig, 6 June – 1 July 2018

How can photography draw our attention to general societal dynamics that are not always easy to come to terms with? In what ways can it now be a medium of democracy and societal communication? How can mediation and communication processes be documented by means of photography? These are the questions that the 8th Festival for Photography f/stop addresses with a range of exhibitions at the Baumwollspinnerei and other venues in Leipzig. With a project that examines the year 1990 this festival shows how photography can serve as a means to revisit and remember historical periods and to initiate and advance a process of societal dialogue. The main exhibition in Halle 12, Broken Bonds, shows works by international artists, including 77sqm_9:26min by Forensic Architecture, that examine long-term societal developments that affect everyday life.

Images: Installation at 8. Festival for Photography f/stop Leipzig, Spinnerei, 2018. Photo: dotgain.

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