The Other Architect

The Other Architect

The Canadian Centre for Architecture

Montréal, 28 October 2015 – 10 April 2016

For as long as architecture has been reduced to a service to society or an “industry” whose ultimate goal is only to build, there have been others who imagine it instead as a field of intellectual research: energetic, critical, and radical.

From a set of varied approaches drawn from many people, places, and times, the other architect emerges: searching for different operating models, aiming for collaborative strategies, introducing strange concepts, and experimenting with new kinds of tools.

Three Forensic Architecture projects were presented as videos in this exhibition: Drone Strikes Miranshah, Nakba Day Killings and Rafah: Black Friday. A large wallpaper print framed a hand sketch of the drone strike in Miranshah. The work was accompanied by commissioning letters and the original ERC award grant letter that exposed the nature of Forensic Architecture as a research agency.

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