République Géniale

Nature of event



August 17th, 2018 - November 11th, 2018


All Day


Kunstmuseum Bern

République Géniale: A Cooperation of Kunstmuseum Bern and Dampfcentrale Bern

Kunstmuseum Bern, Hodlerstrasse 8, 3011 Bern, Switzerland

17 August – 11 November 2018

Over a period of three months, the Kunstmuseum Bern is ruled by the “République Géniale” – an interdisciplinary archipelago that unites an exhibition by five leading international artists’ collectives, LIVE ART, TEACHING & LEARNING, as well as EAT ART. With some twenty productions a unique programme has been put together that combines art, music, performance, and architecture in a diversity of formats, some lasting over several days, ranging from solo performances to collaborations and symposia. The “République Géniale” is an idea that goes back to the French artist Robert Filliou. Influenced by the spirit of change in 1968, he developed a new concept of art and of art education.

Robert Filliou believed that collectively practicing art is a solution to establishing the right conditions for making and presenting art. The République Géniale’s exhibition programme brings together five highcalibre artists’ collectives (Forensic Architecture, SUPERFLEX, U5, RELAX, Louise Guerra Archive), whose engagement extends into areas that transcend the visual arts. On display are works and methods of working that explore and represent the various principles of collective collaboration.

Forensic Architecture will be presenting five investigations as part of the exhibition; chemical weapons attacks in Douma and prison torture in Syria; the 2012 Ali Enterprises factory fire; drone strikes in Afghanistan; and the lethal effects of the EU’s non-assistance policy towards migrants crossing the Mediterranean.


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