Investigative Practices

Nature of event

Book Launch


May 24th, 2017


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Room 325, Richard Hoggart Building, Goldsmiths


Investigative Practices:

Presentations by Goldsmiths Staff & Researchers

Launch of Eyal Weizman’s latest book, Forensic Architecture: Violence at the Threshold of Detectability


May 24 3-5pm, RHB 325, Goldsmiths 


Investigative Practices brings together a series of presentations by Goldsmiths staff and researchers around the ways in which a certain investigative sensibility has become operative across a range of fields and practices from citizen science, open source journalism, human rights counter-forensics to new strands in artistic research. Together they are reformatting the way in which we think about scholarly and intellectual work today.  

The event is organised by the Centre for Research Architecture on the occasion of the launch of Eyal Weizman’s new monograph Forensic Architecture: Violence at the Threshold of Detectability published by Zone Books.



Kodwo Eshun (Visual Cultures)

Matthew Fuller (Centre of Cultural Studies)

Jennifer Gabrys (Citizen Sense / Sociology)

James Harkin (Centre for Investigative Journalism)

Susan Schuppli (Centre for Research Architecture)

Christina Varvia (Forensic Architecture)

Eyal Weizman (Forensic Architecture / CRA)

Chris Woods (Airwars)


Followed by a drinks reception in the FA Studio and book launch. All welcome.



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