Our investigations seek to provide new kinds of evidence for international prosecution teams, political organisations, NGOs and international institutions such as the UN.

The Killing of Tahir Elçi

An independent investigation on behalf of the Diyarbakır Bar Association

Torture and Detention in Bujumbura, Burundi

Exploring claims of extrajudicial killing at a house in Burundi's capital

The Killing of Luai Kahil and Amir al-Nimrah

Investigating the deaths of two Palestinian teenagers by an Israeli 'warning strike'

The Destruction of Yazidi Heritage

Training a community to document the violence committed against them

The murder of Pavlos Fyssas

Investigating the murder that brought Greece's Golden Dawn to trial

Chemical weapons attacks in Douma, Syria

Finding physical evidence through image analysis and reconstruction

Standoff in El Junquito

Were Óscar Pérez and his companions victims of extrajudicial killings?

Sea Watch vs. Libyan Coast Guard

Off the Libyan coast, the contrasting logics of humanitarianism and border security collide

The Grenfell Tower Fire

A media archive and spatial database

The Iuventa

Counter-investigation of the events leading to the seizure of an NGO rescue vessel

Outsourcing Risk

Investigating the Ali Enterprises Factory Fire on 11 September 2012

The Ayotzinapa Case

A cartography of violence

Torture and Detention in Cameroon

The dark side of the U.S.-backed war against Boko Haram

Ground Truth

Testimonies of dispossession, destruction, and return in the Naqab/Negev

Ecocide in Indonesia

Providing evidence to local and international bodies for universal jurisdiction cases in relation to environmental crime.


Counter investigating the testimony of Andres Temme in relation to the murder of Halit Yozgat in Kassel, 6 April 2006

Khan Sheikhoun Crater

What can a crater tell us about the weapon that caused it?

Al-Jinah Mosque

US airstrike in Al-Jinah, Syria: Assessment confirms building targeted was a functioning mosque, US misidentification possibly cause of civilian casualties.

MSF-Supported Hospital

Attack on an MSF-supported hospital in al-Hamidiah, Idlib, Syria on 15 February 2016

M2 Hospital

Pro-Government strikes on M2 hospital (Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital) in Aleppo

Umm al-Hiran

Unravelling the events of 18 January in the northern Negev


Inside a Syrian Torture Prison

Death By Rescue

The lethal effects of the EU's policies of non-assitance

Air Strike Atimah

Rafah: Black Friday

Report on the war operations of 1-4 August 2014, in Rafah, Gaza

The Gaza Platform

An interactive map of attacks by Israeli forces on Gaza from 8 July - 26 August 2014.

Nakba Day Killings

Report on the killing of two Palestinian teenagers in Beitunia

Drone Strikes

Investigating covert operations through spatial media

Guatemala: Operacion Sofia

Environmental violence and genocide in the Ixil Triangle

Living Death Camps

Reconciling the dark past and living present of former concentration camps in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Left-to-Die Boat

The deadly drift of a migrants' boat in the Mediterranean

White Phosphorus

The effects of airburst WP munitions in urban environments


Reconstructing the death of a Palestinian demonstrator via video analysis

The Wall in Battir

Landscape and heritage against the logic of separation